THE BIG SOUND from a small town!
From his broadcast quality studio located near the Southwest Missouri college town of Springfield, Jim Raposa voices commercials and produces commercial audio for clients across North America and beyond. Jim’s list of credits include… Voiceovers for Long-form video projects Video Sales Letters (VSL) IVR/Phone prompt messages Complete Audio Production Hosting and Producing specialty programs for Public radio. These clients like the fact that they can depend on Jim for… Speedy turnaround on spot voiceovers (Dry voice commercials usually done within 2 hours or LESS!) Fully produced spot audio production, delivered usually same day or within One to two business days. Long-form Dry-voice projects normally delivered with 2 business days or LESS! Self-directed VO sessions and fully produced audio projects that free them to work on other business tasks. Client-directed VO sessions that are laser-focused so you can get back to your “to-do” list. (Please book 24 to 48 hours in advance; done via phone patch, Skype or Zoom.) Consultation on copy and all aspects of your audio production and voiceover project. If you’ve ever worked with Jim Raposa, you know he’s more like a “Mega-Valuable Business Resource.” And that’s the way it should be when you work with a Voiceover and Audio Production Specialist. Some highlights of Jim’s career… Jim started in broadcasting; this is where he cut his teeth in Voiceover and Audio Production. He’s owned a small, yet successful ad agency where he was responsible for development of campaigns and copy. Unlike many Voiceover talent, Jim understands advertising and marketing needs to generate ROI for clients…quickly! Jim has cast and directed talent on numerous TV and Radio Commercials. Last but not least, Jim understands how to audibly communicate an offer that melts away sales resistance, virtually creating capital from thin air! A Brief Word from Jim Raposa… As you can see, I’m much more than a guy with a microphone, studio and a shingle that reads:
“Voiceovers and Audio Production Done Here.” My goal is to exceed your expectations with the Voiceover and Audio Production I produce for you, so your commercial or other project makes an instant (and positive) impact on your bottom line the moment it hits the air or the web. From the hardest of hard sell reads to the most elegant soft sell voiceovers, I stand ready to be a business resource you’ll come back to repeatedly for all your Voiceover and Audio Production needs. Now, I could operate like other Voiceover talent. You know the ones who put up a website with tons of testimonials, audio samples and a big fat rate card that exceeds current SAG-AFTRA rates. But those folks certainly wouldn’t put their money where their mouth is. I will!
By Now You’re Probably Wondering… WHAT DO YOU CHARGE, JIM? That’s a fair question, all you need do is e-mail me or call me direct at 417-294-4640 so we can accurately discuss your project. Rest assured, my rates are VERY reasonable. Some projects, like a :30 dry voice read are pretty cut and dry and can be quoted off the rate sheet. Other jobs, like a Long-form narration, fully produced commercial or audio book, require a little more detail in order to properly quote a job without any surprises when you get the invoice. BOOK YOUR FIRST V-O JOB WITH ME TODAY! All Voiceover and Audio projects are… Delivered in your choice of audio formats (AIF, Mp3 or WAV). Delivered as FTP download via HighTail or other secure site. Dry-voice reads are usually delivered within 2 hours or LESS!
Just e-mail or call me direct, Monday through Friday, between 
8:00AM and 5:00PM (Central US Time) to discuss your project
and rate.  My direct phone number is: 417-294-4640.
Let’s Get Started! Thanks for visiting and making Jim Raposa The VOICE of SOLD!
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